Saying Goodbye to the gorgeous Amy, and yet another Teacup breakfast.

IMG_1772Classic go to face (we pull this far too much in all our photos together). Gonna miss you Amy!

This is one of my friends from back home, Amy. Sadly, she’s leaving us all here in the UK to sun herself up for a year in Australia. I’m jealous. Conveniently, she found herself in Manchester last week so we went for breakfast at one of my favourite places- Teacup. A catchup with friends (Kelly, Megan and Liam were there too), tea and what was meant to be breakfast, but turned out to be lunch for me.


Teacup is one of those small tea cafes that I love being in a little bit too much. It’s just shy of the centre of town, in the Northern quarter (which seems to be where everything cool is happening). I first went a few years ago, however since then it has expanded (in size) and offers two full pages of tea, with the opportunity to refill your pot once the first ones done! My idea of heaven! Usually when I go, I have eggs (because their eggs are to die for) or cake (which is also worth death- especially the carrot and coconut cake). This time however, I decided on a chicken pie with mash and veg. WOW. I want to say the best chicken pie i’ve ever had- though I’m not sure if thats because its the most recent tasty chicken pie I’ve had. Regardless though, it was really good, and set me up well for the afternoon of christmas shopping that was to follow.


The chicken pie and trimmings that I possibly loved a little bit too much!- Cup of tea also, because you should always have tea in Teacup.

I had a wonderful morning I must admit, whether everyone else did or not I’m not really bothered- they didn’t moan though, so I’m presuming fun was had by all. It’s a shame that we only got to spend a couple of hours with Amy and the girls, though with it being less than a week before Amy left it’s completely understandable. We said really big goodbyes when Liam and I moved down here (as we weren’t sure whether we would see each other again before Amys’ Australia adventure began), but it was so nice to see her one last time and have a proper catch up before she left.

I hope that Amy has a wonderful time in Australia, which I’m sure she will. She’s been warned multiple times about wearing sun cream so that she doesn’t get burnt (us Scots have to be careful). Other than this, I hope she enjoys the experience and stays in touch with some amazing stories about her adventure!



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