Planning Ahead.


I don’t really plan ahead. Usually, I never have any plans. At the weekends, you can usually find me on the sofa, watching endless amounts of rubbish tv and drinking multiple cups of tea. It’s just not me to have plans and have my time filled with loads of things.I like spending my weekends like this, its how I wind down at the end of the week, and I actually look forward to it. I like my own company, so much so that sometimes I can be a bit antisocial at the weekends. However things are about to change. October is going to be an action packed month I can tell, and its not even started yet!

I realised that my diary was filling up when the girls and I were trying to organise a girls weekend in Manchester. Following the success of Shaunagh and I visiting Annie in London, we decided it was time to organise another one, this time with Annie coming up here. I’m always the one who can put my hands up and say “oh, any weekend is fine for me”, however not this time. I’m having to work a weekend at the end of the month, and my friend Amy is coming to stay next sunday, so that took September out of the running, and then I looked at my plans for October, and I was shocked. Yes, there are some empty weekends (of course they are the weekends that other have plans), but I have my friends Lewis coming down one weekend, I’m going home the next and then Liam and I have a whole week off together towards the end of the month. I’ve even managed to book up a weekend at the end of November when my Mum and Aunty are coming to visit!

So yes, the days of not planning ahead seem to have come to a standstill for now, and do you know what, it makes me really excited. I absolutely love my chilled weekends about the house, especially Sundays, but sometimes it is nice to have a lot going on and a lot to look forward too. Sometimes I can get stuck in a rut of not wanting to do anything with my weekends, and I’m sure that as the weather starts to get worse, I’ll be even more inclined to spend my time curled up on the sofa- but this is not okay. Basically, I’ve realised that I need to get out more, and spend my weekends with people that I enjoy being around, whether thats from Manchester, back home, or wherever people seem to have moved to. So here’s to planning ahead- long may it continue.

Please excuse the really old photos- I hadn’t planned ahead and taken some for this post and they really make me laugh. I’d managed to get hot chocolate everywhere whilst Liam took them, which although lead to some horrible expressions on behalf of me, was pretty funny!


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