Photo Booth Fun!


Liam got a Saturday off!! So we obviously went wild and made the most of it, filling our day with food and a lot of walking about. This post could have been soppy, as we had such a nice day, however I’ve just found a mug with a teabag still in it by the bath, and despite cleaning the bathroom yesterday, I’m still finding hairs from his mid-week beard trim, so it could go in a different direction!

After a yummy home made fry up- thanks to Liam of course- we got ready and headed into town. Back in the day of our Edinburgh to Manchester long distance relationship, I thought we had managed to visit every museum and art gallery here, and then probably again once I’d actually moved. I was wrong. The Peoples History Museum is practically in the city centre, and having seen Charlotte post on Instagram about it, I knew we had to make a trip. As most of you know, I didn’t grow up here, so it was really interesting seeing how Manchester has developed. Liam has been in Manchester for most of his life, so he had a completely different perspective- however we both enjoyed it the same. It has a massive interactive element to it, with doors to open and hats to try on, which appealed to the inner child in both of us. With the Co-op being founded here,  theres a sneaky little section at the end (next to football and music- two other greats of the city), where there is a challenge to build a bridge. We managed to build the bridge, which had a quote about being united not divided (I really should have noted it down) with relative ease, though I have to admit, Liam did the bulk of the work as I couldn’t see the writing on the blocks and have incredibly poor spacial awareness, which wasn’t the best combination when attempting this challenge- look how happy he is with himself (photo below).

Exhausted from the mornings activities, we headed to Pot Kettle Black for a sit down and coffee. PKB used to be one of our favourite coffee haunts in Manchester. Since turning into a sit down, we’ll take your order kind of place I feel its changed a bit, which is sad. The coffee is still amazing however, and it now does hot, brunch style food- which despite not trying any, does look amazing. We then headed for a wander around the Northern Quarter in the glorious sunshine (who would have though that last week I was writing about Autumn being in the air) and into Aflecks Palace to pick up some hair dye and for a general browse. For months now I’ve been banging on about getting some Photo Booth photos of the two of us. In general, we barely have any photos together, so I thought it would be really nice! Of course, the two of us aren’t a soppy lovey dovey couple, so they were never going to be cute and nice (haha Liam), but they show what we’re like together I think, and it sums up the day pretty nicely as honestly, I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in ages- he can be pretty funny! On the way back to the bus we picked up some hotdogs from the market to keep us going before making Carbonara for tea.

This kind of Saturday may seem the norm for a lot of couples, but as I’ve mentioned before, Liam and I really don’t get to spend full days off together, as they rarely fall on the same day. Sometimes, doing normal things and walking around town together is nice for us, as we don’t want to waste what little together time we do have lounging on the sofa (though I have to admit, I would love to have a duvet day binge watching Netflix with him soon). So here’s to the next date day, whenever that may be.



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