The best skirt I’ve ever bought!


I’ve never been a massive skirt person. I’ve always been into jeans, or wearing dresses with incredibly thick tights (or sometimes two pairs). In the Winter, I usually end up wearing a jumper over a dress- I don’t know why I do that rather than wear skirts, but it’s just the way it is. A couple months ago I was in Primark, picking up essentials (such as socks and tweezers) when I spotted this skirt with a massive 50% off sign above it (making it Β£5). I’d been looking for a pleated midi skirt for a while, having seen a few people on Instagram wearing them. I’m never sure about jumping into trends, so it seemed the perfect way to try it out, without breaking the bank. I wore it that night to a staff night out and I haven’t looked back. Not only is it easy to dress up, with heeled boots (surely you know that I don’t own actual heels), but it also looks pretty cool with converse. I’ve tried it with an array of tops too, which makes it an even bigger winner in my book! I’m actually sad that its going to have to be out away till next year, I’m not brave enough to embrace bare legs when it gets cooler and it would definitely not go with tights!Β In the meantime however, I’m on the hunt for another one to add to my wardrobe- any suggestions fire them at me?

Does this mean I have a new found love for skirts? Maybe I should start wearing them more often?

Massive thanks to Liam for taking some cool outfit photos- he’s slowly learning that it is important to get shoes in the frame, and I’m learning that it is impossible for me to take a good photo with a normal facial expression!



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