Quality time with an old friend


Last Sunday I was graced with the presence of my gorgeous friend Amy. On reflection, I really should have written about it at the time, however we all know that I’m not the most organised when it comes to writing these posts. In addition to this, I have had a pretty manic week at work, with today being my first day off since she left, so I’m going to cut myself some slack. If you don’t know who my friend Amy is (which is quite possible as her last appearance on the blog was over a year ago- then you can read this post).

After spending the majority of her weekend at a reunion, I met Amy on Sunday afternoon before Liam finished work, where the chatting began whilst walking round some shops. Like the majority of my friends back home, I struggle to keep in touch- just sending the odd text here and there- but when we get together we always manage to catch up on however long it has been, as if nothing has changed. This overnight stay was to be filled with constant chatting, which would lead to me losing my voice- but we’ll get to that in a bit.


Once Liam managed to drag himself away from work (through no fault of his own might I add- he was on shift till five, and everyone knows that chef life is not glamorous), we went to Trof in the Northern Quarter for some food to help Amys hangover and cure my need for a Sunday roast. Having seen an Instagram post on their feed every Sunday for months, it was about time that we went, so having Amy up was the perfect excuse! Oh boy, it lived up to our expectations. With Yorkshire puddings almost as big as my face, juicy chicken and the freshest cranberry sauce I’ve ever had, it might as well have been Christmas (minus the brussel sprouts and pigs in blankets of course. Stopping off to pick up biscuits on our way home (to go with a brew), we were on our way back to show Amy our house and curl up on the sofa like we used to when we all lived together (sorry Jake, you weren’t here).

After a couple hours of listening to us girls chatter on and on about complete rubbish and reminiscing about the nights out we had in Edinburgh before we moved down here, Liam headed to bed before and early start at work on Monday. Hilariously, Amy and I stayed up till gone one, which for those of you who know me well, is just not heard of for me (I’m a before 10pm bed kind of girls- always have been and probably always will be). There’s something so nice about spending such quality time with an old friend, it reminded me of being at a sleepover when you were a kid, chatting with the lights out and pretending to sleep as soon as you heard a parent coming up the stairs, except were adults now, and don’t need to worry about being up too late as there’s no one to tell us otherwise. Considering I don’t think we stopped speaking from the moment we met till the moment we went to bed, its no wonder I went to sleep with a scratchy throat that night. We continued in the morning, subsequently making ourselves late to meet Liam for lunch- oops.

Whenever we have people to stay, I try to do things that you wouldn’t normally see or do back home. This includes places to eat. I don’t see the point in travelling somewhere else and going to a chain restaurant that you could go to a million times back home (the exception to this rule is my Mum, because she always comes in tow with Pizza Express vouchers). With this in mind, we went to Home Sweet Home for lunch, followed by Aflecks Palace and Fig + Sparrow before putting Amy on a train. I have to admit, I wish we could have taken her to the platform, it was a little bit tragic seeing her struggle away with all her bags (did I mention she had a broken wrist and cast on?) I think as Liam is seeing her this week, I was the only one who got a little bit emotional, but its okay, I’m an over emotional person anyway.

I guess this flying visit not only made me appreciate the time I do get to spend with friends when I do see them, but it makes me grateful for those friends who do take time out to visit me here. Sometimes I feel very isolated here, away from my old city and old friends, but it makes it all feel that little bit more special when things do pull through, something which I’m learning to appreciate, rather than pine for.



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