Another change of hair colour.


When I came back from Lanzarote I decided that I had to stop colouring my hair, otherwise it was going to snap off something awful. Then I remembered how easy it was to do, and how much I love having bright ends, so after a month of having peachy purple hair, I bit the bullet and went back to blue.

I’m getting better at giving my ends and even coverage, and managing to get very little dye over the bathroom these days (honestly, hats off to all hairdressers out there who manage to keep their clothes and surroundings hair dye free). I’m even looking after my hair a lot more, making sure that I only use heat on it when needed/special occasions, and it gets a hair mask at least once a week. This may not seem like a massive deal, but for a beauty/hair novice, integrating something like this into my routine is a big deal. I’m currently using Bleach London silver shampoo and hair mask, which I find are great- even if the shampoo leaves my hand a little grey looking for a few hours after.

Heres to having interesting hair for a bit longer, I’m not going to do it as often as I used too, and I’m praying it doesn’t turn a green colour as it begins to fade (although this colour has already lasted more washes than any other colour, so I have my fingers crossed). Sorry Marianne for being a complete nightmare of a sister and probably giving you heart palpitations over what I’m putting my hair through- surely the condition of it can’t be as bad as that time that I had completely blonde hair?


After writing this I tried to dye my roots a bit darker and even as when it was last done it didn’t look the best (sorry mum). The colour was left on a bit too long and then clung to the ends when washing out, so it’s not as bright as prior. I swore that I wouldn’t bleach my hair again, so it looks like dark hair is here to stay- but it’s fitting for the darker months I suppose! Photo update will follow at some point I’m sure, but today it’s a greasy mess tied up on top of my head! 



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