New boots are the best boots.

In the summer I live in trainers (mainly converse), but when autumn hit I’m all about boots! I spend so much time browsing boots since the cooler weather hit, that when it came I shopping I was over run with choices! So here’s the tale of these new boots and how I feel about them after a couple of wears! 

After falling in love with these beauties (link to topshop boots) from topshop, I decided I didn’t want to spend loads on a black pair (perhaps my finances would stretch I said at the time, though I now realise I was being crazily optimistic), and still wanted to embrace the pointed toe. Usually I avoided pointed toes, however I seem to have come round to the idea this year. I picked up these cuties from newlook for Β£25, which is something I can’t argue with. They remind me a little bit of the acne boots (get proper name), without the expensive finish to them. 

Having worn them in a couple times, I can honestly say that they are comfortable, however I don’t know how practical they’re going to be as a winter boot. First of all, there’s a larger heel that I would usually go for on a day to day basis (those of you that know me will know that I’m not a heel of any kind type of person), and secondly they’re suede, which doesn’t bode well for the wet weather we will no doubt experience in Manchester over the next few months! With that in mind, it may be back to the drawing board for some winter boots, however these will definitely be kept for days that I am feeling brave and in need of some extra height! 

 Thanks Liam (as always) for the photography- you’ve learnt to get shoes in the frame, however I’m still struggling with pulling normal facial expressions.



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