My name is Katie and I’m a twenty-two year old Scottish girl who has recently relocated to Manchester- cause why not? I’m currently working in retail- whilst dreaming of getting out of there and doing something that I can get more enjoyment form (though what that is I have no idea). My main hobbies include drinking endless cups of tea, instagramming and exploring this new city (even if it is mainly through places to eat). Above all, I love curling up on the sofa at the end of the day in my pyjamas and fluffy bed socks whilst acting like an old lady well before my time- my Granny would be so proud!

‘My Morning Dreams’ has started as a way to keep everyone back home in Edinburgh up to date with what I spend my time doing down here in Manchester. Having lived here just over a month, I’ve realised that telling the same stories about cute tea shops and what type of eggs I tried for breakfast is time consuming and less interesting the more it’s told (not that it’s that interesting in the first place, I just couldn’t think of a less lame example). I’ve never blogged before, so this is a learning curve for me- however I intend to post as much as possible about what I’m getting up to, my thoughts, ideas and general stuff that I’m experiencing. Despite only having a rubbish iPhone camera, I hope to attach some decent photos as a visual aid to my ramblings (whilst praying for a camera in the near future).

Basically, I just want to keep people informed with what I get up to- even if that is just swanning around the streets of Manchester in oversized knitwear!



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